Funding leveraging
In Hauts-de-France, the companies unfortunately do not participate enough in European projects, and particularly in Shift2Rail projects (according to our topic).
During the visit of the company TATRAVAGONKA, we noticed that a new bogie was financed thanks to a Shift2Rail project.
Today, the company is able to sell this bogie and meet the customer needs and requirements.
Stakeholders : Both the manufacturing company and the customer of the company.

Resources needed

According to the calls

Evidence of success

By benefiting from this financial aid, the company did not have to finance its project directly and was then able to finance other projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice itself not really a transferable because Shift2Rail projects are also open for Hauts-de-France companies. The message that the Hauts-de-France companies have to take into account is that they have to invest more in innovative railway projects. This subject is a basic observation and led to the implementation of our project RECORD.
Main institution
Technical University of Kosice
Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
September 2020
End Date


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