Goal of the project is to enable senior citizens, to stay as long as possible in their living environment.
By 2030, about one in three Hamburgers will be over 60. This demographic development is also a fundamental challenge for social security systems and health care. A central task from the point of view of research and development as well as politics is to develop, and test offers and concepts that enable people to participate actively and socially in different areas of life in their living environment.

Together, the partners involved in the project aim to develop, test and apply a local and social care system. The aim of the project is to make use of the diverse resources that urban neighbourhoods provide for day-to-day and health care. Short distances, a high density of settlements and the diverse offers have the potential to enable the residents of the district to stay in the ancestral living environment for a long and self-determined manner. In order to be able to use this potential, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive district management. The aim is to increase the health competence of the residents, increase their sovereignty and enable healthy ageing, in line with the provisions of the Prevention Act.

Who are the main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice?
Housing sector, residential care, healthcare- and nursing sector, IT- and electro initialisation companies

What is the target population/audience (age range, vulnerable groups...)?
The citizens in the two district’s Rübenkamp and Uhlenhorst, around 20.000

Resources needed

3.7 million Euro.

Evidence of success

The inhabitants of the districts are connected with a neighbourhood-App. The App helps that the residents in the districts can easily get in touch with each other and arrange small support services. Different groups start to work inside the project and get linked with each other. Through such a commitment, contacts and social relations in the district are promoted and established. In this way, professional and voluntary support can go hand in hand in the districts.

Potential for learning or transfer

With the digital neighbourhood network “Meine Nachbarn” get to know neighbours from your district, get information about local events and offers and have the possibility to offer or receive neighbourhood assistance easily. In addition to your neighbours, the AGQua district management, the AGQua health consultancy and many other local organizations are also active on My Neighbours.

What features does My Neighbours offer?
• News, Discussions, Requests: Write posts on My Neighbours
• Inform yourself about upcoming events and promotions in the
district calendar
• Talk to neighbours directly via private messages
• Share your interests in your profile and find like-minded people in
your district
• Join with neighbours in public and private groups
• Get to know interesting local organisations and their offers
Main institution
Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
May 2014
End Date


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