With the program “E-Lotse” the LEA Hessen offers municipal employees free, multi-day training on the topic “Designing future-oriented mobility in the community"
The "LEA LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen GmbH" is a public company who takes over central tasks on behalf of the Hessian Ministry in the thematic field of climate protection. In 2016 the LEA launched the program "E-Lotse" (in the following "E-Expert") with the help of the Hessian Ministry.

With the program "E-Expert", the LEA Hessen offers municipal employees a free, multi-day training on the topic “Designing future-oriented mobility in the community” to become an expert in the topic of electric mobility.

The program has the following aims:

• Providing a comprehensive knowledge base on the topic of mobility in the municipality with special attention to electric mobility.

• The “E-Expert” should be enabled to be the first contact person of the municipality for all questions related to the topic of future-oriented mobility / electric mobility in order to coordinate the various issues related to electric mobility - both for the own administration as well as for companies and private households

• The “E-Expert” is integrated in a Hessen-wide network and is the contact person between the municipality and the state of Hessen.

Resources needed

Costs each year (plus VAT): 22.100 EUR
(3 x seminars á 3 days: 15.600 EUR and 4 x half-day regional meetings: 6.500 EUR)

Evidence of success

Over 180 people have already taken part in the program and can call themselves an “E-Expert” with special and detailed knowledge about the topic electric mobility. They are able to be the first contact persons of the municipality to deal with all problems and questions concerning the topic e-mobility.

A number of e-vehicles or charging stations raised in the region cannot be mentioned because that are indirect results of the E-Expert's work that cannot be measured.

Potential for learning or transfer

The program “E-Expert” is suitable for every country in the world. Every country can implement such a program to train employees of municipalities and cities to be an expert on the topic electric mobility.

It is an advantage for every municipality and city to have one employee who is trained in the topic electric mobility and who can answer questions from the population.

The training is aimed at employees of Hessian municipalities, municipal institutions or municipal associations. The program is particularly suitable for energy and climate protection officers, employees of the traffic office, the environmental office or business development companies. The training takes three (formerly five) days and is specially tailored to the requirements of municipalities. The participation is free of charge for employees of municipalities in Hessen.

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Main institution
LandesEnergieAgentur (LEA) Hessen GmbH, Mainzer Straße 118, 65189 Wiesbaden
Kassel, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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