Bucharest City Hall aims to eliminate GHG emissions generated by high polluting cars, granting vouchers for the purchase of low polluting means of transport.
Air pollution has become an increasingly serious problem in Bucharest, due to the increase in the number of vehicles circulating in the city, especially in the central area. In this respect, PMB implemented a program to stimulate the improvement of the environment quality by removing from circulation used vehicles, with a high pollution degree, offering in return eco-vouchers, 1900 euro worth, for the acquisition of low polluting means of transport. In this regard, PMB created an online application - PEVAUTO which allowed the registration for eco vouchers requests of 5,000 participants, individuals and legal entities. Upon reaching this number, the application automatically stopped the registration process for participants, presenting in this regard an information message to those who are in the process of completing the form. Citizens with permanent residence in the central area of the city will benefit with priority from this program, and then the granting of vouchers will be made to residents of other areas of the capital. These vouchers can be used by the beneficiaries to purchase cars or other means of transport, electric scooters or electric bicycles, but also household or electronic appliances with a higher energy efficiency class, in this way we will obtain a decrease in the energy consumption, which is obtained from fossil fuels.

Resources needed

PMB provided the value of these vouchers from the local budget, the total amount being 9,500,000 Euros.

Evidence of success

In the first stage of the program, 4193 persons were declared eligible. Although a second stage was scheduled, given the success of the first, it has not yet been initiated, given the pandemic situation, the funds allocated to this program were redirected to combat the new coronavirus. So far there is no clear information on the reduction of GHG emissions but a decrease can be deduced given that the scrapped cars were, for the most part, with a Euro 2 pollution norm.

Potential for learning or transfer

Decreasing air quality is a major problem for the health of citizens in many large and medium-sized European cities. Along with other methods for improving air quality, the granting of financial incentives in the form of eco vouchers will give citizens real help in the purchase of non-polluting means of transport.
Main institution
Bucharest City Hall
Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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