“Insieme per il lavoro” (Together for work) is a project for the insertion of vulnerable people in the job search into the world of work.
“Insieme per il lavoro” (Together for work) is a project that enhances vulnerable people motivation, supports basic and specific training, and guarantees ad hoc tutoring within companies. The project stems from the collaboration between the Municipality of Bologna, the Metropolitan City and the Archdiocese of Bologna: the network includes associations, unions and the non-profit sector, so as to become an effective tool for a dialogue between job supply and demand in Bologna.
During last 3 years, “Together for the work” has intercepted an urgent and real need of people, and after Covid period more than ever, the project continues to guarantee hope and above all trust. Only in this way will it be possible to restart the economic system together with the relational one, in a historical moment in which we will increasingly need social cohesion and reduction of inequalities. Specifically, an unemployed person can submit their application to Together for the Job via an online questionnaire. After having answered all the questions, the project secretariat will get in touch with the person who filled in.
If you are domiciled in the Metropolitan City of Bologna and you are not already the recipient of an active employment policy measure, the secretariat undertakes to contact you within 4/5 weeks of receiving your questionnaire to schedule an interview with a professional to make a assessment of the situation.

Resources needed

The budget is 14 mln (10 mln euros come from National Operational Program of Metropolitan Cities – Regional Program of European Social Fund Emilia Romagna). The resources were contributed by: Municipality of Bologna, Metropolitan city of Bologna, Archdiocese of Bologna and San Petronio Foundation.

Evidence of success

Since the beginning of the project 3967 people have enrolled and more than 600 people have been placed in job positions. In detail, 135 companies were involved in the project, 97 of which also signed the agreement to join the "company board" and who contributed to the job placement of 602 people; 106 self-employment paths and 56 social innovation projects were analyzed which led to the financing of 20 new activities (start-ups).

Difficulties encountered

a) Improvement of response times to candidates: in the first 3 years, the project introduced and strengthened actions aimed at maximizing the goal of job placement.
b) Establishment of collaborative relationships with companies: the model from the beginning proposed is the direct contact.

Potential for learning or transfer

Insieme per il lavoro participated in the EEPA 2019 coming in second place in the responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship category. For this reason it can be a good practice potentially transferable also in other European countries especially in the post-covid phase with many people who have lost their jobs and are unable to find it because they may not have the right preparation that the market requires. The project is also a way of bringing supply and demand closer together. The potential for transfer lies in the union of various secular and Catholic citizens (in the case of Bologna, the Municipality, the Metropolitan City and the Archdiocese) to create a concrete path to integrate the most fragile citizens into the world of work.

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Main institution
Metropolitan City of Bologna
Start Date
May 2017
End Date
May 2021


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