Round Table for the management of phase 2 of COVID-19 emergency that brings together representatives from homogeneous zones of the Metropolitan City of Turin.
The Resolution of the Metropolitan City of Turin Board laid down the set-up of a round table whose aim is to provide the 312 Municipalities with coordination and support in the management of COVID-19 phase 2. It consists of a permanent Round Table which gathers the spokespersons of the homogeneous zones Metropolitan City of Turin is divided in. The purpose of the round table is sharing projects and good practices and figure out solutions consistent with the peculiar needs and socio-economic features of the different homogeneous zones. The overall aim of this permanent meeting is then to assure uniformity while responding to different challenges. The Metropolitan City of Turin oversees accompanying processes that start from the assumption of territorial systems interconnected from the point of view of citizens and economic actors.

Resources needed

This practice gathers representatives from the homogeneous zones who are subjects fulfilling a public office or local administrators. For this reason, we didn't require financial resources or additional human resources.

Evidence of success

Considering that the practice started only 2 months ago we haven't acknowledged results yet. However a coordination meeting at the Metropolitan Level is fundamental in order to manage the actions implemented by the different homogeneous zones and Municipalities. We foresee to achieve a good level of engagement of the territories and tangible and fine-tuned solutions implemented at the local level. This process will also foster the revision of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan in the years to come

Potential for learning or transfer

We decided to share the practice we are currently implementing in our territory since we believe that it could have a great potential for learning and transfer among local administrations and municipalities (mainly at NUTS3 and NUTS2 level, i.e supra-municipal level). Our overall goal was to develop an instrument able to properly understand the more peculiar local needs and to give immediate and targeted solutions to the COVID-19 emergency. During the emergency, the local level has been recognized as the governance level more effective in delivering concrete and fine-tuned solutions to local territories. Administrative bodies like the Metropolitan City of Turin have among their competences the management of the territory and the promotion and coordination of economic and social development and as such we consider the practice totally transferrable.

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Main institution
Metropolitan City of Turin
Start Date
May 2020
End Date


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