Smart Latvia - the project helping Latvian companies in digital transformation by providing easy-to-understand and convenient assistance.
According to a comprehensive study in all countries of the European Union (DESI 2019 - Digital Economy and Society Index), in particular, Latvia is lagging behind in skills to use digital technologies in business. Latvia is among the last top 3 countries in the use of e-commerce solutions and between the last five countries that have implemented a variety of IT solutions in companies.
The first step of “Smart Latvia” is the Digital Maturity Test, which can be completed by each Latvian company to assess its digital maturity, to compare itself with competitors and to find out what IT solutions would help the company work more effectively, with less costs and higher profits. After completing the test, each respondent receives recommendations on what IT solutions would help the company to work more effectively.
Each Latvian company manager can assess the digital maturity of his/ her company by completing the Digital Maturity Test at the platform The test is designed in a simple way - the head of the company should assess how much it uses IT solutions in basic business management functions. After completing the test, the manager of the company receives not only an in-depth assessment, giving an opportunity to compare company with competitors of particular sector, but also recommendations on what IT solutions it should implement in this business.

Resources needed

“Smart Latvia” is supported by the project of Interreg Baltic Sea Region – “#R050 Digital Innovation Network, DIGINNO". Costs planned in the project for self-assessment tool Digital Maturity Tool‘’ (design, developing, hosting) in amount of EUR 6000.

Evidence of success

The “Smart Latvia” campaign is organised with the aim to educate leaders/managers of SMEs in Latvia about the latest IT solutions, encouraging them to be introduced into their businesses and providing them with the necessary informative support. As of February 2020, the Digital Maturity Test was completed by 642 SMEs. By proving successful results, test was elaborated in English to reach an international level. It is also available in Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish and Swedish languages.

Potential for learning or transfer

In order to help Latvian companies in development of IT solutions in their businesses, LICTA together with partners, IT companies: Edisoft, Fitek, Lursoft, Microsoft Latvia and VISMA, ELVA, Bregards and the Commercial Education Centre (CEC) has launched an educational campaign called “Smart Latvia” and developed free tool for entrepreneurs to acknowledge and plan business digital transformation activities.
This tool is also available in English (, thus ensuring its international use. Successful cooperation with 50 business associations has helped to distribute test to a high number of respondents.

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Main institution
Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LICTA)
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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