The Energy Performance Integrated Contract to manage the provincial stock of school buildings reduces CO2 through a mix of finance, technology and behaviour.
In the 1st stage the EPiC (AKA Global Service) to manage the stock of school and institutional buildings of the Province of Treviso consisted in a multi-service procurement, whose main goal was the improvement of maintenance standards; the creation of a register of the buildings; the knowledge of critical points of the building/service system and the set up of a working group focused on innovation.
In the 2nd stage the contract focused on overcoming the critical issues: i.e. technical aspects, innovative types of contract, relationships between different users and stakeholders. The 3rd GS aimed at the reduction of energy costs (measured through smart meters installed in every building) through technological and social interventions like the Greenschools Competition i.e. schools competing by carrying out actions to achieve energy saving goals. The social component of the Green Schools project led to the Green Schools Living Lab (costs included in the EPiC). In addition, the contract entailed a better use of spaces and resources; improving relationships with the users and their involvement in the management process; technological interventions to improve the buildings energy performance; the integration, in the technical register, of information about bills, rents, licenses etc. In the latest EPiC (4th GS) energy reduction will be pursued through technological interventions and users’ engagement via social innovation and energy saving action plans for each school building.

Resources needed

Values of the contracts awarded to the companies in charge of managing the service:
1st EPiC: € 8.691.540,52
2nd EPiC: € 47.479.830,00
3rd EPiC: € 43.877.588,09
4th EPiC: about € 40 mln

Evidence of success

Scale economies for the Province. Savings for the community. In particular, on the basis of the available data, thermal energy consumption decreased from € 29,597,795.5 in 2008-2010 to €18,859,747 in 2014-2016, with savings amounting to €10,738,048.5. Technological improvements on the provincial stock of buildings. Better management of the school buildings energy system.

Difficulties encountered

Complex structure of the contracts. Narrower margins of improvement with each new contract. Complex and treacherous procedure for contract awarding.

Potential for learning or transfer

The EPiC scheme of the Province could be transferred to other realities with similar features.

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Main institution
Provincia di Treviso
Start Date
January 1999
End Date


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