Re-manufacturing used parts is done for extending the life of different brands’ auto components, in the context of Circular Economy concept
The re-manufacturing system of ATP Exodus Group is addressing to the life extension of automotive components, applying the Circular Economy (CE) principles. The technology used in re-manufacturing process ensures a quality of the reconditioned parts, similar to the new ones. The problem addressed is the high costs of new auto components as well as increasing the amount of waste that requires storage and recycling. By placing on the market a large number of reconditioned car components, such as Bosh Fuel Injectors, ZF gearbox and Brake Callipers, their degree of re-use is increased and, consequently, the consumption of natural resources and the negative impact on environmental factors are reduced.
The objectives of this EC activity are achieved through:
• promoting the advantages offered by using of reconditioned parts and the impact on the environment
• placing on the market the refurbished car components
• providing direct services to customers and taking over without charges of the replaced parts
• ensuring a sufficient stock of reconditioned products thus allowing their permanent availability
The stake holders interested in the purchase and use of reconditioned auto parts are clients from the economic environment and private environment - individuals. Other beneficiaries are the manufacturers, due to the reputation of ATP Exodus Group in the context of ensuring profitability & maintenance of the re-used products, but also as active factors in promoting CE concept.

Resources needed

This program has been financed with about 500,000 euro, in 11 years of activity, to ensure performance technical equipment. 5 of our technicians has been trained to work in reconditioning processes with the newest technologies. Other resources needed: around 5,000 euro/year for operational costs.

Evidence of success

- Over 1000 refurbished auto components/ year and over 7000 refurbished components in 11 years of activity, including brake caliper components, gearboxes, fuel injectors etc.
- 5 new jobs created and maintained
- Increasing the number of customers for reconditioned products with 15%
- Promoting products with high reliability, stable providing of spare parts, training, know-how
- Reducing the waste of car components with about 20%, by reconditioning them and reusing for the initial purpose

Difficulties encountered

ATP Exodus Group has developed its business model taking into consideration market division into a multitude of auto parts from many brands and special equipment needed. A permanent concern is to ensure services at highest level and adapt solutions to existing technology and customers’ requirements.

Potential for learning or transfer

ATP Exodus practice of reconditioning auto components represents a method of extending the product life, practice that can be both a business model & a challenge for similar companies. ATP Exodus is currently reconditioning 3 auto parts: fuel Injectors, gearboxes and brake calipers. Besides the product life extension, ATP provides maintenance & replacement of used parts for vehicles belonging to business operators and individuals.
Through this best practice, the company meets the requirements of environmental protection and respects the concept of sustainable development, focusing on the prevention of waste production and on the preparation of products for reuse.
The ATP Exodus model for product life extension can be used by all countries, as the use of motor vehicles is widespread throughout the world.
These practices are already promoted in over 32 branches of ATP in Romania and in 4 branches in other countries and the number of applications increases from one month to another.
Main institution
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
April 2008
End Date


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