In order to asses cluster and regional compettiveness, CLUSTERO has developed a platform allowing benchmarking and cluster development support services.
Over the last 2 decades have proven the significant role of clusters in the regional economic competitiveness based on innovation and internationalisation.Regularly, CLUSTERO issues an Analysis of Cluster Competitiveness, last paper edition dates back in 2016.The next step was the elaboration of the Romanian Cluster Cooperation Platform, which proposes an integrated approach harmonising theoretic considerations and practical aspects of utility aiming at becoming an useful tool for the generation of competitive clusters based on innovation and internationalisation (1);an instrument to measure cluster competitiveness and a consultancy tool (2);a way to evaluate performance of the cluster management team (3);a flexible method allowing assessments both at cluster level and at the level of each member.The evaluation methodology considers both quantitative and qualitative aspects, taking into considerations various indicators such as turnover, exports, employment, innovation (quantitative) and geographical concentration, labour force, strategy, internationalisation and cooperation (qualitative).Qualitative aspects play a validation role, after answers given by peers are being digitalised. In the end, an analogical cluster function is being calculated. As data flow in, the function autocorrects itself in order to give accurate results.Results are being interpreted and recommendations are being provided. Stakeholders:clusters managers. Beneficiaries:policy makers.

Resources needed

Platform Development: 5000 EUR
Personnel effort development: 4 Man Month x 2500 EUR = 10.000 EUR
Personnel effort maintenance: 3 Man Months/year x 2500 EUR = 7500 EUR per year.

Evidence of success

1st cluster from the Republic of Moldova (SORINTEX) let itself evaluated and accredited according to the CLUSTERO methodology and adhered to the Romanian Cluster Association in 2019.

Potential for learning or transfer

As shown by ongoing debates, at European level there is a need of a common understanding of the cluster concept, hence the use of the platform would ease inter-cluster cooperation and would complement other initiatives (ESCA, ECCP); at national and regional level, the platform would be an useful tool for policy maker in elaborating relevant financial and non-financial support instruments; at cluster level, it would support cluster development process and strengthen cluster management capacities.
Main institution
Romanian Cluster Association - CLUSTERO
Bucureşti - Ilfov,
Start Date
December 2017
End Date


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