DIH Slovenia is a one-stop-shop in Slovenia for getting information and support regarding the digital transformation of companies.
The main issue in Slovenia at that time was the high fragmentation of entrepreneurship support providers. Due to a lack of clear understanding where to turn for what sort of information and support the initiative was set up to create a one-stop-shop that would provide all the necessary support for companies looking into digital transformation. The DIH Slovenia is a central national one-stop-shop to provide, connect and support knowledge, business and technology expertise, technologies, experimental and pilot environments, best practices, methodologies and other activities necessary to fully enable Slovene Industry in building digital competencies, innovation models and processes, support their digital transformation and raise their competitive advantages based on digital.
Through building the network and establishing a sustainable ecosystem at the national level, DIH Slovenia aims at connecting and supporting different industrial sectors, providing for a broad spectrum of needs and striving to support all industries that can seize and benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation. DIH Slovenia focuses on supporting the industries that are highlighted as priority ones by S4. Key initial partners of DIH Slovenia are coming from the S4 specialization platform Smart Factories Cluster, ICT horizontal network, Smart cities and communities, industry, universities, SME’s supportive environment, Wood Industry Cluster, IIBA Slovenia Chapter and others.

Resources needed

The Project was 2016-2019 in a total amount of 3 million EUR.

Evidence of success

DIH Slovenia contributes to easier access and exchange of good practices, information, and access to the desired transformation of companies, which should consequently result in better innovation, increased competitive advantage, and faster and more sustainable growth of the company. Initiatives such as DIH are welcome not only for financial incentives but primarily for the transfer of knowledge and best practices

Difficulties encountered


Potential for learning or transfer

Slovenia knows e-skills will play a key role in the retraining and training of workers, as technological advances require upgrading their skills, so the Ministry of Economic financially supported the operation of the DIH Slovenia. DIH has come to life with the primary goal of providing companies, especially SMEs, with assistance in digitization and digital transformation, thereby increasing competitiveness. DIH works by integrating existing knowledge and services in the market, building new services, raising awareness and promotion, connecting good practices, co-financing services for digitization projects in companies, and the like. In short, DIH brings the business closer to digital tech and simplifies the use of digital tech, smart solutions, and support agile ways of developing and doing business by focusing on customer innovation and experience. By focused action businesses will be more productive and competitive, as well as will develop new digitized products and business models.

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Main institution
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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