Médinit - Made In Italy in Exhibition in Casablanca
PPalm is the Innovation Pole in Wood and Furniture sector of Abruzzo Region. Currently, 49 entities have joined Palm (businesses, universities, research centres).
Palm supports its members in internationalisation processes.
Médinit Expo was an event realised in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Morocco with the target of accompanying the Italian Companies that wanted to deal with internationalisation processes in countries with a growing market and a socio-politic stability.
The Polo Palm showcased itself as a Consortium of companies from Abruzzo in the field of Décor Wood Furniture, able to meet the needs of contracts, building companies, engineers and architects, experimenting, with a first approach to internationalisation, the use of the contract under a common brand.
The contract methodology proposes to approach the market through an integrated offer of different subjects in the same sector and to create groups of companies able to provide a complete service to a foreign customer.
This was an effective example of how regional SMEs in a specific sector can share a path of internationalization towards a target country.
In fact, if any of the 49 PALM SMEs were presented individually at the event, their offer and ability to attract customers would have been weaker and, above all, the cost-benefit ratio would have been unfavourable.

Resources needed

The Pole Palm participated directly in the event representing all its members.
Financial resources needed were 22.000 € - 50% funded by Abruzzo ROP ERDF

Evidence of success

PALM went to this important fair as an “aggregator” to represent a group of companies able to provide concrete responses to a varied and broad market. PALM presented itself as an UNICUM entity capable of attracting a contract meeting specific needs.
Results of the event:
• 147 Italian companies exhibitor
• 2.200 qualified visitors

Potential for learning or transfer

The methodology, strategy and its implementation process in setting up innovation pole can be adapted to the needs of other regions. The know-how, how to proceed in internationalisation of poles can be adapted to the regional circumstances, taking into account the requirements of foreign markets. The special tool is the organization of the international event abroad: the preparation and its implementation are also valued know-how that can be transferred.

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Main institution
PALM scarl
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2014
End Date
October 2014


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