Creation of zero CO2 emissions off-grid building due to energy use
1. The practice is addressed in the creation of zero CO2 emissions off-grid building due to energy.
2. The practice reaches the objectives for the creation of zero CO2 emissions buildings.
3. The stakeholder and beneficiary of the practice is the company which owns the building.
4. The good practice has been implemented in the first place because the company which owned the building wanted to demonstrate the renewable energy installations to its clients.

Resources needed

The total cost of the renewable energy systems in order to create this zero CO2 emission building has been estimated at 21,700 € and it was covered by the owner of the building.
The main stakeholder is the company which owns the building and designs and sells various renewable energy systems.

Evidence of success

The off-grid building operates smoothly for many years without any fossil fuels consumption. Therefore its CO2 emissions due to energy use are zero. The beneficiary of the good practice is the local company commercializing renewable energy systems aa well as various potential users of these systems.

Difficulties encountered

Installation and operation of the abovementioned renewable energy systems did not have any difficulty. The installation of the wind turbine was made for demonstration reasons. The main lesson learnt is that the creation of this type of buildings in Mediterranean region is feasible.

Potential for learning or transfer

We believe that the abovementioned installation is a good practice in our territory and it could be transferred in other territories in Southern European countries, particularly in buildings which are not interconnected with the electric grid, because of
a) The renewable systems used are mature, reliable, well proven and cost effective,
b) The installation cost of those systems is relative low compared with the cost of the building,
c) The operating cost is also low compared with the cost of using fossil fuels instead of renewable energies ( It is due only to solid biomass use),
d) The same technologies could be used in other territories with high solar irradiance, satisfactory wind energy resources and availability of solid biomass resources.
Main institution
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
April 2015
End Date
September 2016


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