Virtual Marketplace to connects companies that offer technology and health-related material, production capacity, to help the consequences of COVID-19.
ACCIÓ -the Catalan Government’s agency that promotes business competitiveness in Catalonia - has set up a virtual Marketplace that connects companies in Catalonia that offer technology and health-related material, or have production capacity, to help ease the consequences of COVID- 19.

The Marketplace is putting in touch manufacturers from different parts of the production chain to boost collaboration so that the current health emergency can be addressed the most efficient way.

In a situation like the current one, talent, creativity and generosity make people and companies want to give everything they have to try to mitigate the effects of the health crisis we are experiencing.

The COVID-19 Business Marketplace focuses specifically on technology services and healthcare products that can be effective in the short term.

Resources needed


Evidence of success

More than 2,000 companies are participating and offering solutions

Potential for learning or transfer

This type of collaborative platform can be an example and can be replicated in other regions to promote cooperation and seek short-term solutions with the region's productive, organizational and knowledge capacities.
Why is it a good practice?
1. Agility of the response by the Administration in creating a business platform to give visibility to the business offer in response to the health crisis.
2. The Marketplace has allowed companies to generate business, establish alliances, use it as a channel to promote new products and publicize technological capabilities to help alleviate the effects caused by the crisis due to the breakdown of supply chains and shortages. of certain products
3. It has facilitated Administration-company dialogue: it has been the gateway for numerous queries, information requests for the manufacture / approval of new products and the import of products with high demand and little supply in the market.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2020
End Date


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