Online service to provide up-to-date information about the economic measures taken to deal with the COVID-19, and to offer support and assistance to businesses
The Government of Catalonia has set up an online service to provide up-to-date information and gather all the national, regional and local economic measures being taken to deal with the COVID-19 consequences in Canal Empresa (in Catalan and Spanish). These measures are collected not only by means of an in-depth screening of official documents, but mainly through a coordination and information exchange system, led by the Business Management Office, which allows the Canal Empresa website to have constantly updated information about the different measures from different departments and government agencies.
The service also offers support and assistance to business and start-ups to provide guidance and support in relation to the Governments support packages, tax measures and COVID-19 related business issues.
The service is offered, in two languages, via different digital tools:
- A specific section on the website, updated daily, gathering at the present time more than 70 economic measures taken by local, regional and national authorities, with information on the measure, FAQs and links to manage the proceedings online.
- A customer service chatbot in the website, managed by a team of business advisers.
- A queries, complaints and suggestions (CQS) online form, for the more elaborate and complex replies.
- Guided search for the economic measures, to allow the businesses, start-ups and professionals to quickly access those measures that are most suited to their needs

Resources needed

- 15 business advisers for the chatbox and CQS box
- 3 legal and economic experts, to collect, filter, summarize and publish all the measures
- 2 communication experts to ensure the outreach of the service
- 1 team leader
- Software for the chatbox & guided search

Evidence of success

The significant number of measures adopted, from various authorities and institutions, makes essential a centralisation service. Moreover, businesses and start--ups value very positively a personalized attention service to provide assistance in these times of uncertainty and struggle, as proven by the success of the service:
- 100.000 visits to the section of the website, 45.000 users
- 2.306 resolved CQS
- 956 interactions in social media
- More than 150 queries solved chatbox (15 days)

Difficulties encountered

- Especially those related to the coordination of the information exchange system amongst different departments and government agencies, and to the filtering and summarizing of a large amount of information published in the local, regional and national official documents.

Potential for learning or transfer

The service is a good practice and has an important potential for learning or transfer because of:
- The agility of the response by the Administration in creating a Business support and assistance service to help companies navigate in the complexity of the economic measures being taken to deal with the COVID-19 consequences.
- The coordination and centralization of all the measures taken by different authorities (local, regional and national) and departments, creating a one stop shop with constantly updated and clear information, and with direct access to all the online procedures.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Start Date
March 2020
End Date


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