Promotion of the digital transformation of SMEs through individualized advice by specialized agents (digital advisors).
Spain has been successful in tackling the recession, particularly regarding the development of the digitisation of the industry. Looking into Spain’s digitisation development of the last years (2016-2018), there has been a constant improvement and Spain has surpassed the EU average. In particular, Spain has advanced in terms of digital public services and e-government and the integration of digital technology. However, one of the biggest challenges remains in reaching SMEs and support their digitization development.
Digital Advisors programme is aimed at promoting the digital transformation of Spanish SMEs through individualized advice by specialized agents. This service is focusing on the realization of a Digitalization Plan for the incorporation of ICT in its processes (business management, relationship with third parties, electronic commerce, digitalization of services and solutions).
The program includes a diagnosis of the state of digitalization of SMEs and an action plan for its digital transformation.
On the one hand, beneficiaries are SMEs which can receive a grant up to 5,000 EUR per SME. And, on the other hand, beneficiaries are digital advisors, who have to register at the database of programme to provide this individualized advice.

Resources needed

The budget for this programme is EUR 5 million, it´s financed by the ERDF and co-financed by the Operational Program for Smart Growth. allocates up to 80% of the costs of specialized advisory services, with a max amount of 5,000 € per SME. The SMEs must co-finance at least the remaining 20%

Evidence of success

267 Spanish SMEs are presently participating in the programme (133 are specifically from Andalusia). These SMEs are receiving financial support of up to 5.000 EUR for the contracting of advisory services in the digitalization of their business.
Moreover, there are 79 enterprises registered as Digital Advisors.
The Digital Economy and Society Index (elaborated by the European Commission) for 2018 report highlights the work carried out by the with programs such as Digital Advisors.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Spanish government (through the public entity RED.ES) launched a grant programme to promote the Digital Transformation of SME. This good practice is easily transferable to any region or EU member state. The entity responsible of the programme, through a general invitation, prepares a list of providers of digital advice services: Registry of Advisors. For the incorporation to this Registry of Advisors, an application must be submitted.
This programme is an efficient way to transfer funds to SMEs to initiate their digital transformation process. So, SMEs can obtain a specialized and personalized advice service that is specified in the realization of a Digitalization Plan for the incorporation of ICTs in SME processes.
Any SME which wants to participate in the program must send all the required documentation in the call.

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Main institution
Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2017
End Date


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