Valorisation of cultural heritage through the consolidation, restoration of the Jean Mihail Palace - Craiova Art Museum
Project financed under the Regional Operational Program.
Over time, the building that shelters the Art Museum has suffered degradation due to unauthorized interventions, but also due to natural phenomenon.
Dolj County Council, the owner of the building, initiated and implemented this project.
The main component of this project was to carry out the consolidation works absolutely necessary for the building of the museum as well as the restoration works to highlight the special decorative elements of the building.
The need for the project "Consolidation, restoration of the Jean Mihail Palace - Craiova Art Museum" derives from the need to rehabilitate and capitalize the historical and cultural heritage of county and regional importance.
Investments in tourism and culture allow the benefits of tourism potential and cultural heritage to be used to identify and consolidate their own identity, to improve competitive advantage in sectors with high added value and high quality and cognitive content, both in traditional markets and in new markets, in training.
The restoration works were made in such a way as to preserve the original elements and materials, the original elements of carpentry, hardware, decorations and chandeliers were restored and reconditioned.
The main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice are: Dolj County Council, local communities, Romanian and foreign tourists, private sector contractors and consultants.

Resources needed

The project was funded under the Regional Operational Program, Field of intervention 5.1 "Restoration and sustainable valorisation of cultural heritage as well as the creation / modernization of related infrastructures."
Total investment budget- 29.341.664,59 lei (6.242.907 euro)

Evidence of success

Increasing the contribution of tourism to the development of Dolj county and Oltenia region; increasing the importance of tourism and culture as a factor driving economic growth; increasing the attractiveness for investors by capitalizing the historical and cultural heritage, including it in the tourist circuit and promoting to attract tourists; diversifying the packages of services. In 2015-16345 visitors and 25 cultural activities; In 2018-19325 visitors and 98 cultural activities.

Potential for learning or transfer

-The investment in the consolidation, restoration of the Jean Mihail Palace - Craiova Art Museum, a historical monument of national importance, one of the main attractions of the region in practicing cultural tourism, as well as for business, transit and entertainment tourism, contributed to the improvement the attractiveness of the SW Oltenia Region in the country and abroad and the development of cultural, local and regional tourism in order to improve the visibility of Dolj County, the region and Romania as a whole
-Increase the number of tourists, visitors to the "Jean Mihail" Art Museum and ensure a steady annual growth by attracting tourists from SW Oltenia and other regions, including from outside the country
-Developing local and regional cultural tourism by strengthening, restoring the Palace of Jean Mihail - Craiova Art Museum
-Creating new economic development opportunities for Dolj County and the region, as a result of capitalizing the tourism-cultural potential
Main institution
Dolj County Council
Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)
Start Date
October 2009
End Date
July 2014


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