We replaced all the old diesel buses for urban public transportation with 20 new emission free electric buses, along with the equipment needed
This practice addresses the problem of urban pollution caused by the buses used for public transport, offering a solution to reduce the pollution (noise and CO2) of every day life by replacing all fleet of old buses with their share of influence on the atmosphere with 20 new emission free electric buses. By eliminating from traffic all the old diesel buses (operated by the former public transport company) and introducing 20 emission free ones, along with the equipment needed for them (low and fast charging stations, e-ticketing systems, the objective of reducing urban pollution caused by public transport is reached. The main beneficiaries of the practice are the citizens, by improving the quality having a cleaner air and a modern way of public transportation through town. Furthermore, this practice also creates the opportunity to encourage more citizens to choose an environmental-friendly type of transportation over other ones available, especially the use of private cars.

Resources needed

The purchase of the electric buses is part of four projects financed by ROP 2014-2020, that implement the SUMP measures for public transport in Turda. The total funding amount for 20 electric buses is 50.119.395 RON (10.739.103 EUR), of which 42.117.139 RON (9.024.456 EUR) were EU funds.

Evidence of success

This practice is considered good because it eliminated the pollution (noise and CO2) caused by the old diesel buses that were replaced by a new fleet of modern equipped buses that are also environmental-friendly, attractive and encouraging more citizens to choose this type of transportation over other ones available. Also, this practice made Turda the first city (medium-size) in Romania with entirely emission free electric public transport.

Potential for learning or transfer

We consider this practice as being potentially interesting for other regions to learn from because it answers at least at two important aspects of everyday urban quality life: 1) it serves as a solution for reducing air pollution by removing old diesel buses and replacing them with new emissions free electric buses; 2) it raise de quality of the public transport service by offering new and modern equipped buses that are also environmental-friendly. In addition, it shows how a ROP along with SUMPs may be utilized for the promotion of low carbon public transport.

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Main institution
Turda Municipality
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
June 2018
End Date


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