International ecological events - excellent opportunities to promote the electric bicycle as a quick and comfortable way to go to school / work / free time
Bistrita Municipality finds itself at the beginning period of integrating the electric means of transport, respectively, at its first steps to achieve the related electrical infrastructure.
However, the promotion activities started a few years ago, since Bistrita Municipality is drafting action plans, is carrying out European campaigns and is implementing investment projects in the framework of assuming the European targets for reducing CO2 emissions: SUMP, SEAP, SECAP, a new route of local transport by electric buses that crosses the city from east to west through the historical center called "GREEN LINE", the project of fitting out 25 km bicycle tracks, bike sharing systems, including electric bicycles, etc.
Every year, on the occasion of specific international ecological events - EARTH HOUR, European Mobility Week, we organize the city tour by bicycle, with an increasing number of participants: 300 in 2019.
Starting with 2017, the VIPs of the city tour by bicycle are 2 electric bicycles owned by the Municipality and which are used free of charge by Bistrita citizens throughout the year. Also, the children and the young people of Bistrita are eager every time, on these special occasions, to pedal on 3 bicycles generating electricity, made in collaboration with a local promoter. Two of them are installed at the Ecological Information and Education Center "Green School",respectively at the Tourist Information Center.

Resources needed

3 BICYCLES generating electricity - 3 x 750 Euro
2 electric bicycles – 2 x 900 Euro
Promotional materials – 300 Euro
Press articles for online and for social media etc.
Invitations sent to educational units, public institutions, NGOs, cycling clubs, etc.

Evidence of success

Number of participants, increasing from year to year: if in previous years the number of participants was of approximately 150 citizens of Bistrita, in 2019 only the cyclists were 300, and for Earth Hour 2020, 800-1000 cyclists announced their intention to participate.
The 2 electric bicycles were rented for approximately 200 uses / year by citizens of Bistrita/tourists for visiting the city surroundings on a distance of up to 60 km;

Potential for learning or transfer

EARTH HOUR and European Mobility Week, marked year by year in Bistrita by open-space events, with a wide participation of citizens of all ages, offers to Bistrita Municipality the opportunity to promote sustainable mobility projects in general, to encourage the citizens towards a fast transition from the current polluting means of urban transport to the electric non-polluting ones.
The events are usually taking place in the historic center of the city and children and young people are accompanied by teachers, but also by parents and grandparents (approximately 300 participants). To the above mentioned it adds local elected officials, officials or other personalities of the city, athletes, artists, who become role models for the community also in terms of mobility habits.
Every year these events bring to the city children from neighboring villages, active in local NGOs (such as the Bistrita Scout Association, who are attending in these comprehensive action since 2011).

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Main institution
Bistrita Municipality
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
June 2012
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