Reconstruction, modernization and application of energy efficiency measures for the building indoor swimming pool, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
In 2017 Stara Zagora municipality undertook a massive reconstruction of the municipal swimming pool, including implementing various energy saving measures. The existing situation for providing hot water was operation of a boiler powered by natural gas fuel. However, the building roof's type, entirely south oriented and sloping, assumes very good potential for installation of solar collectors, that require the lowest possible investment costs. 36 vacuum-tube collectors were installed to supply two boilers of 1500 l each. This type of solar collectors gives off heat not only in direct sunlight, but even in cloudy and foggy weather, although the power quantities are relatively lower.
The name of the procurement is "Reconstruction, modernization and introduction of energy efficiency measures for the building of an indoor swimming pool". The procedure was carried out by Stara Zagora municipality under the regulations of Bulgarian public procurement law. This is one of the best examples for green procurement carried out by a BG municipality. It was presented to the GPP4Growth project consortium during a Study visit in Wexford, Ireland and further discussed. Many partners requested detailed information on this good practice, so they can transfer it to their regions and put it into implementation. The reconstructed pool was also shown to partners during the visit in Stara Zagora and allowed further dissemination and boost of the greening of the public procurements in the region.

Resources needed

The cost of the solar installation is about 60 000 BGN (around 30 677 EUR). The project is co-funded by Operational Programme Regional Development and JESSICA financial instrument. Main beneficent is the Municipality of Stara Zagora.

Evidence of success

The built solar system is easy to maintain and allows year-round operation without interruption in the winter period. In the absence of domestic hot water consumption / mainly showers in the locker rooms / the heat produced by the solar collectors is automatically redirected to the radiator heating in winter or to heat the 80 m3 buffer tank connected to the swimming pool. The initial investment is expected to have a payback period of about 5 years from the realized savings in heat production.

Potential for learning or transfer

During the reconstruction of the swimming pool a highest priority was the energy efficiency - among all the systems on the market it have been chosen the solar collectors with the highest efficiency rate. Technologically they are constantly improved in terms of quality and prices. They are widely used in numerous Southern countries of the European Union.
The reconstruction of Stara Zagora municipal swimming pool and the installation of solar panels on its roof is an excellent example of that how even sport facility can become more energy independent. It shows once more that the unused space on buildings' roofs can be very effectively covered with solar panels, guaranteeing hot water supply all year round and on a competitive price. The statistics show that after installing the solar panels on the roof of the swimming pool the costs for power supply of the facility are sensitively lower.

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Main institution
Stara Zagora Municipality
Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
April 2015
End Date
February 2017


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