The subject of this good practice is the management of Fridges and Freezers Units from Civic Amenity Sites in Gozo (Malta).
This tender is related to the collection and transportation of fridge and freezer units which are considered to be Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from Civic Amenity Sites in Gozo (Malta).
The main procurement objective is to ensure sustainable management of waste streams (improved recycling of hazardous waste streams, and reduction in the quantity of waste sent to landfill) while reducing emissions caused by waste collection processes.
The contract was awarded on the basis of the cheapest compliant offer. Bidders were asked to ensure that all vehicles used for the transportation of WEEE are equipped with engines meeting emission standard EURO IV or better according to the National Green Public Procurement Guidelines. Secondly, the proportion of vehicles to be used in carrying out the service had to comply with stricter EURO standards (EURO V or VI, where applicable). The bidder should present a list of all the vehicles to be used in the service with their EURO standard and their respective technical sheets, where emission standards were defined. Thirdly, the capability to use renewable energy was evaluated (biofuels, renewable electricity or hydrogen from renewable energy sources). The bidder must provide the technical sheet of the vehicle where these technical or fuel technology specifications are displayed. Finally, the average noise level of the vehicles to be used in carrying out the service had to be measured according to Directive EC/2000/14

Resources needed

According to the TED publication, the total final value of the contract is EUR 36360.00

Evidence of success

According to WASTESERV (i.e. contracting authority), the inclusion of Green Public Procurement criteria in the procurement of waste transport and management services for WEEE has proven to be successful with more and more bidders proposing the use of vehicles above the minimum standard, while others upgrade their fleets to be eligible for future contract awards. Furthermore, contractors were bound submit WEEE data collection templates, as well as recovery, recycling, and reuse documents.

Potential for learning or transfer

The specific tender did not encounter any major difficulties, during its implementation. Due to the private sector’s environmental culture and the availability of relevant suppliers, the tendering process was successful. The approach adopted in this tender has been common and it is likely that similar tenders will keep replicating the approach for other waste collection services, as the needs addressed are common among sectors, organisations and different regions/countries, as are the Legal requirements. As from 1st September 2016, there is a new procedure implemented for all Civic Amenity Sites. The scope of this reform was to ensure that the CA sites only receive household waste given that these sites were set up to accept domestic waste.

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Main institution
Ministry for Sustainable Development , the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC)
Malta, Malta
Start Date
October 2006
End Date


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