Biosbase Europe Pilot Plant provides open-access pilot and demonstration services and advice to SMEs in the field of biobased products and processes.
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an independent, state-of-the-art non-for-profit facility that operates from a laboratory level to a multi-ton scale. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a service provider for process development, scale-up and custom manufacturing of biobased products and processes. A wide and flexible spectrum of modular unit operations enables us to translate your biobased lab protocol into a viable industrial process. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant enables the conversion of biomass (a.o. agricultural crops and by-products, industrial side streams) into biochemicals, biomaterials, biofuels and other bioproducts.

Resources needed

Project Interreg IV Vlaanderen-Nederland - Bio Base Europe 2018-2013 - 13 million euro
Interreg NWE - 2013-2015 - 1,35 million euro
ERDF 2015 - 2015: 1,26 million euro
Interreg VL-NL BioHarT: 0,2 million euro
ERDF "IMPACT" 2017 - 2020: 9,4 million euro
ERDF "BiobaseFlow" 2018 - 2021: 3,7 M EUR

Evidence of success

From 2013-2016 they have worked with more than 90 companies (of which 60% SMEs) in privately funded projects. In addition, they are active in 24 ongoing publicly funded projects. Biobase Europe Pilot Plant works according to an open-access business model. They are mainly active in the the Northern, Western and Southern European regions. Every company or research organisation has access to their infrastructure, and are allowed to be present during the tests.

Potential for learning or transfer

- How to manage open-access research infrastructure for SMEs
- How to improve access to research infrastructure for SMEs
- How to manage IP in private/public projects
- How to build infastructure through cross-border collaboration

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Main institution
Independent (Biobase Europe Pilot Plant)
Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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