National digital competence programme for SME’s for increasing knowledge of success factors – digitalisation to be able to execute changes in the business.
(A National program executed regionally). As SMEs often do not have the necessary resources to identify and execute necessary change in response to opportunities and threats posed by the digitization of society, the programme aims to increase growth and competitive power in SMEs through digitalization.The programme offers a two-day training/workshop for SMEs tailored to the specific needs of each participant. Participants must apply and document their drive and ambition to change and develop.Through four modules the programme focuses on 1) increase the general knowledge of what it takes to succeed through digitization; 2) increase the contextual understanding of how digitization affects the company’s business model; 3) increase the SMEs ability to utilise innovative methods for product and service design/development; 4) implement changes in the business. Main beneficiaries are SMEs in Norway. Other stakeholders are Innovation Norge, DigitalNorway and other innovation companies such as Proneo AS.The programme requires participants to work on their real-life business challenge before (preparation activity), during and after the workshop sessions.

Resources needed

To run a two-day training/workshop programme (in local/region) requires the participation of 2-3 facilitators and has a cost of approx. 25000 – 30 000 EUR supporting 10-12 businesses. Participants pay a fee and get refunds up to 50% from Innovation Norway.

Evidence of success

The programme focuses on business opportunities, ability to change and on implementation of real change (concrete solutions). All this based on the opportunities which are provided by digitization. However, the technology is a means to an end. The SMEs’ ability to carry out innovation and change/develop their digital approach is the key content.
Based on the feedbacks from a recent workshop, it scored 4.4 out of 5.
In 2018-2019, 36 businesses participated in the program in Trøndelag County

Potential for learning or transfer

The programme is developed by DigitalNorway (national) with the support of Omstillingsmotor from Innovation Norway (national). The programme has been distributed to regions in Norway. Regional partners (like Proneo) together with experts from Digital Norway, plan and execute in the region These workshops bring many companies together, which benefits cooperation and learning. As a step 2, the SME’s also have the opportunity to attend specialized sessions with leading companies in their fields. The model is transferable.

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Main institution
Proneo A/S
Trøndelag, Norway (Norge)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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