Hydrogeopark centrum Pátek was developed to reclaim and restore contaminated groundwater, and to educate, to research and to inform for students, professionals
Recently, there was a pollution of the rock environment and groundwater by chlorinated hydrocarbons at the Pátek locality. This old environmental burden originated in the second half of the twentieth century, when the company STYL, producing degreasing agents and gasoline for lighters, prospered there. The site underwent several stages of surveys, risk analyzes and subsequently decontamination work.
The former contaminated site, which by its existence threatened not only groundwater but also surface water and was located near mineral water sources, has been successfully undergoing remediation works in recent years. The result is a current situation that complies with demanding legislation and remediation limits for chlorinated ethylene pollution. During the realization of the rehabilitation project, more than twenty hydrogeological objects were created for sampling, monitoring, as well as the actual remediation. In parallel, an extensive and time-lapse collection of hydrogeological, chemical and physical data characterizing the transformation of the site was created. These assumptions led to the emergence of a unique infrastructure for research, development and innovation in environmental engineering, with particular emphasis on the management and management of water resources. The extensive network of hydrogeological objects has been supplemented by other suitably selected for the purposes of simulation of specific processes, their control and monitoring.

Resources needed

Resources were financed from EU funds, financial support from companies Teramed, s. r. o.; CHEMCOMEX, a. s., municipality Pátek, univerzity knowledge from ČVUT and VŠCHT, TAČR and more.

Evidence of success

Reduction of pollution in the ground water. Have been developed new application and there is constant monitoring of pollutants. There is rain water management included.

Difficulties encountered

Main challenge was to treat the groundwater from pollutants. Another challenge was to develop centrum for application testing, realize research, development, education and testing projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

The village of Pátek is a suburb of the spa town of Poděbrady. The municipality wanted to rehabilitate this area in order to remove substances that do not belong there. The role of the municipality was to rehabilitate the area of the former STYL plant, where contamination arose in the past and the area was affected by chlorinated hydrocarbons. The border of the zone of hygienic protection of the spring of drinking water Poděbrady and Choťánky is located only ten meters from the polluted place. Leading Czech institutions helped with the idea of the project, and foreign partners were also involved with the help of EU funding. Hydrogeopark is intended for laymen and experts in the field, where several fields are combined in one place. It serves as a learning center for all generations.

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Main institution
Teramed, s. r. o., CHEMCOMEX, a. s., Pátek
Střední Čechy, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
January 2003
End Date


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