Assisting Slovene companies/exporters establishment of new business contacts and partnerships and penetration or entrance to the international supply chains.
In accordance with Programme for internationalisation 2015–2020 and Priority Axis 3 of OP, SPIRIT Slovenia implements complementary programmes for the Slovenian companies in all phases of internationalisation activities that enable them to efficiently enlarge their business activities abroad. SPIRIT Slovenia provides following free-of charge services for potential and existing exporters to enable better conditions for the performance of Slovene companies abroad:
- organization of event Suppliers days, in particular in automotive and food-processing, ICT and wood-processing industry to enable entrance to the supply chains;
- participation and implementation of B2B events in Slovenia and abroad to support establishment of business contacts / new business partners.
- organisation of inward and outward economic delegations, presentations of Slovene industry/companies, conferences and other business events.
Annual goals of the practice: min. 10 inward and 10 outward business delegations: increase of 2 to 3 new business contacts per participating company; at least 1 made business deal per business delegation; 70% satisfied participants in the delegation (survey at the end of the event); organisation of up to 3 Suppliers` days and 2 B2B events.
Partners: SPIRIT Slovenia, Office of President of Republic of Slovenia, Office of Prime Minister, Ministries and Governmental offices, chambers, business associations, clusters and other relevant subjects and groups of companies.

Resources needed

SPIRIT`s annual budget of GP is 300.000 EUR, out of which 200.000 EUR is for organisation of delegations (incl. hiring of venue) and 50.000 for supplier’s days and 50.000 EUR for B2B events. The SMEs participate through the public invitation and have to bear their travel and accommodation costs.

Evidence of success

Outputs (in 2015):
- 19 inward and 29 outward business delegations
- 3 Suppliers events per year
- 2 B2B events per year

Potential for learning or transfer

Measure assists Slovenian companies/exporters by creation of new business contacts and partnerships through seminars, in-and outward delegations, B2B events as well as implementation of the so called “suppliers days”.
Practice is transferable in terms of:
- organisational model / implementation process
- specific tools
- metrics for the evaluation of the implementation process.

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Main institution
SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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