Bikeability is a cycle training scheme for young people, families and communities which is delivered in many primary schools by a cycle training organisation.
Bikeability is much more than a cycling training programme. It delivers
wide-ranging and long-lasting benefits to young people, families and
communities. Bikeability supports the culture, ethos and environment
of health at school whilst also giving pupils practical skills and an
understanding how to cycle on today’s roads safely. Bikeability gives
everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.
Bikeability courses are available throughout the year in most local
authorities in England. Children and adults can be trained individually
or in groups, through school, clubs or private tuition.

Resources needed

Bikeability is administered by the Bikeability Trust; a charitable
organisation aiming to advance the cycling education of the public. The majority of funding is provided by the government via a grant programme which is administered by the Bikeability Trust to local authorities across England.

Evidence of success

Over 3 million children have completed Bikeability cycle training. The government has pledged £13 million for the scheme to continue aiming to promote more active travel. Independent research in 2016 on the Impact of offering cycle training upon cycling behaviour confirmed that “Bikeability helps children cycle more safely, more often.” The increase in frequency of cycling journeys on the school run will reduce idling outside schools which will improve air quality where children congregate.

Difficulties encountered

Due to the success of Bikeability, the industry has reached a point
where national demand for training now outstrips the level of funding
from central government.

Potential for learning or transfer

As this scheme has now been roll out to all regions of the UK it has
proven that transferability is relatively easy as long as you have support from government and cycling organisations and the correct trainers in place to help deliver the programme of activity.

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Main institution
Coventry City Council
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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