Products and Services Promotion Platform from the Sustainable Habitat Cluster
SIG HABITAT platform is project managed by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster. This platform aims to be a promoter of the Habitat value chain at national and international level, fostering cooperation in innovation and business opportunities between companies, R&D centers and other entities, as well as centralizing relevant information for the Habitat value chain.
Operational objectives:
- Promote knowledge-sharing actions and cooperation processes in the Habitat chain through the SIG HABITAT online platform for the dissemination of business opportunities and development of R&D projects on sustainable construction and related themes;
- Promote the sharing of information and training of agents through networking and promote business matchmaking opportunities between companies and other entities of the value chain;
- Promote the dissemination of generated knowledge through the development of a Best Practices Guide and seminars.

SIG HABITAT provides collaboration and interaction tools among its registered members as well as information and promotion of:
• Registered members on the platform;
• Products, technologies and solutions of members for the Habitat;
• R&D and Innovation projects;
• Collaborative actions between members;
• Different activities, technical information and regulation;
• Training actions information (fairs, seminars, congresses, etc.) relevant to the Habitat value chain;
• News about members, external markets and business opportunities.

Resources needed

Total investment for the project: 146.181,27 EUR with the ERDF contributing 124.254,08 EUR through the “POCI - Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização” for the 2014 – 2020 programming period.

Evidence of success

Currently, the platform has 138 registered members. Since the platform is available (September 2017) several collaborative projects and actions were developed among members registered on the platform: associations, companies, R&D Centres, Universities, Municipalities, etc.
This will result in a best practice guide, which will be a repository of different case studies of cooperation projects.

Difficulties encountered

No specific barriers were met when designing and implementing the GP. Since the beginning of the project there has been a high number of new members and the dissemination of its products, projects and other actions creating business opportunities between companies and development of R&D projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

This platform can be easily replicated in other regions or countries not requiring a high investment, with considerable benefits, such as:
- Strengthening of regional innovation systems,
- Maximization of knowledge flows and share opportunities for cooperation and opportunity for the development of R&D and innovation projects.
- Enables companies and other registered members, to present information at national and international level about their products, services, projects, events and other actions, thereby qualifying their global presence in the markets.

The cooperation projects between companies and other entities, which have been energized throughout the project platform, will allow dissemination of knowledge and achievements. This sharing will give other economic agents the possibility of implementing similar practices in their business activities and in different regions.

Main institution
Cluster Habitat Sustentável (Sustainable Habitat Cluster)
Centro (PT), Portugal
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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