Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative: training and test facility for companies in the domain of AI as well as individual project support for AI applications.
The core features of the AI Initiative of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce are:
• AI Space
• AI Academy
• AI Projects
The “AI Space” as a lighthouse project of the AI initiative offers the possibility to experience AI live in action by means of different showcases. It aims at raising awareness, reducing barriers to deal with AI, and giving an additional boost to the innovation capacity of Lower Austrian companies. The lab combines a variable room concept that can be quickly adapted to different needs and AI technology for visualisation, co-design and co-working. It offers optimal conditions for Design Thinking processes, creative workshops, strategy meetings, customer events.
The “AI Academy” is a setup of educational courses in the domain of vocational training ranging from beginner to expert comprising specialisation in management and/or implementation of AI applications.
The “AI Projects” provided by the Technology & Innovation Partner (TIP) Program are dealing with the setup of POCs inside a company. It is a vital element of the initiative putting hands on increasing the innovation capacity.
Around these core elements, the AI Initiative also provides events and workshops around certain topics of AI and AI applications.

Resources needed

The Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce is financing the AI Initiative. The unit for consulting, accounting and IT has provided essential parts of the AI space. ERDF and the Regional Government of Lower Austria are cofinancing TIP. Individual partners of the TIP Platform AI provide the showcases.

Evidence of success

There are no specifically defined indicators at the level of project management. However, the defined indicators of the supporting institutions (WIFI, TIP, etc.) show evidence for success.

Difficulties encountered

Community building: TIP has started two years ahead to create its Platform AI. This platform was available right from the start.
The creation and design of the physical hub “AI Space” took several iterations until the final and current design.
Public communication around AI is a sensitive topic.

Potential for learning or transfer

How does AI function as a driver to implement other less complicated technologies?
How does AI function as a key to become digital master (or expert) as a company?
Which clusters of AI applications are ready for use – which are not?
How to tackle AI without spreading the fear in society!
Main institution
Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce Lower Austria / Technology & Innovation Partner Program (TIP)
Niederösterreich, Austria (Österreich)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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