Abruzzo4Export - Network for Internationalisation
Abruzzo4Export is a project fostered by the Abruzzo region (ROP – ESF 2007/2013) aimed at increasing and favouring opportunities, for local businesses, to enter International markets.
Abruzzo4Export was addressed to:
• the experimentation of training models aimed at acquiring and strengthening new and strategic professional skills for entrepreneurial and managerial growth
• the creation of networks and training packages enhancing the collaborative relationships between businesses.
Abruzzo4Export has been addressed primarily to 4 industrial sectors: Agri-food, Energy Efficiency, Mechanical field, Fashion.
Abruzzo4Export realized “Training Pacts" among the members of the network SMEs (Beneficiaries) Organizations (Support and Training) for:
• training needs analysis
• development and / or enhancement of professional skills in starting and managing processes of internationalisation
• development of learning territorial communities which may facilitate the widespread of knowledge for the development of new competences on internationalisation

Resources needed

Wide network of regional Stakeholders: Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Associations, Universities and aggregations like Poles of Innovation.Training involved teachers, business consultants and experts in the export sector.
Financial resources were about 1.400.000 provided by ROP – ESF 2007/2013

Evidence of success

• 300 companies involved
• 960 hours of free training according to the teaching model of "blended learning" - or mixed learning - with lessons and exercises in the classroom and e-learning through a dedicated web platform. The lessons covered managerial strategies for internationalization.
• 6 seminars on business opportunities in emerging countries
• 6 companies from Abruzzo had the opportunity to participate for free in 4 foreign missions

Potential for learning or transfer

Abruzzo4export has shown a good potential for transferability, especially for the training model.
The main element is the creation of horizontal learning communities: the collaboration between companies in the same technological domain and the organizations that provide support can facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices, making the traditional model of teaching more efficient.

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Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2014
End Date
April 2015


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