Dissemination on subsidies for renewable energy and support to beneficiaries.
The funds from the ERDF Castilla y León programme 2014-2020 for the promotion of renewable energy focus on two priorities:
- promotion of energy efficiency and use of RES by companies;
- support for energy efficiency, intelligent energy management, and use of renewable energy in public infrastructure, including public buildings, and homes.
The RES subsidies calls consider as target groups:
- buildings (but only in communities, non profit entities)
- business sector
- buildings, businesses or facilities in municipalities located in the “Camino de Santiago”
During the previous financial period (2007-2013) it was detected that sometimes a line of subsidies was not completely executed because the information did not arrive to the adequate potential beneficiaries.
So in the current period, apart of the traditional media such as local, regional newspapers, on-line bulletins, etc., the Region decided to organise workshops with the different sectors of potential beneficiaries of the subsidies. In order to bring the information about the possible subsidies closer to the beneficiaries, various small workshops were organised, where the key information, advices, dates etc., of the subsidy call were provided. The participants had also the possibility to ask questions.
Although info of the workshop was dedicated to the target group of a specific call, nevertheless it was opened to anyone interested.
In this way at least one workshop session in each of the 9 provinces was done.

Resources needed

Human resources: 3 people
Communication resources: 40.000e in media traditional campaigns
Financial resources: 3,4 M€ subsidies

Evidence of success

Applications covered 100% of the subsidy line when this closer dissemination was done.

Difficulties encountered

In some cases, even if the invitation of the beneficiaries was well focused, the attendance was less than expected, especially when involving the business sector.

Potential for learning or transfer

For other European Regions, the good practice could be implemented adapting the dissemination method to their focus groups, for example organising in-situ workshops, and co-organising with the target beneficiaries groups (communities, business associations, chambers of commerce, clusters, professional associations), depending on the potential beneficiaries of the subsidies.
In addition, general media is good for disseminating general information on the grants.
Main institution
General Directorate for Energy and Mining, Castilla y León Regional Government
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
December 2020


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