Incredibol fosters the development of CCIs organizations in Emilia-Romagna through tailor-made initiatives and public-private partnerships.
Incredibol is managed by the Municipality of Bologna, co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna region and supported by a network of public-private partners offering competences and advice.
Incredibol helps cultural & creative startups in developing their business ideas through a tested support path:
- a yearly call for proposals to access grants and boost their activities;
- unused spaces owned by the Municipality granted for free for 4 years to
the winners of the call (enhancing urban regeneration through creativity);
- consultancy services offered by project partners (e.g. business plan, IP rights etc.);
- sector-specific opportunities and internationalization activities
communicated on a daily basis through the online channels
Incredibol committed to enhancing the business-like dimension of CCIs.

Resources needed

-150.000 € a year provided by Emilia-Romagna Region (used for grants given through the call for proposal);
- human resources from Municipality of Bologna
- In kind contribution by partners providing consultancy services to beneficiaries
- free spaces provided by the Municiaplity to beneficiaries

Evidence of success

Incredibol played a relevant role in drafting the political trajectories for CCIs: thanks to the results it achieved (e.g. increased entrepreneurial competences of professionals, regeneration of abandoned spaces) the Region included them in the S3.
The last 5 calls awarded 82 entrepreneurial projects, 27 public buildings were assigned to creative companies, around 100 profesionals were supported through the help-desk. The mortality rate of the winners, after 3 years, is only around 4%.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Incredibol project has already been transferred to other territories: indeed Chemnitz (Germany) has developed its own support path for cultural and creative organizations on the basis of the Incredibol model, its name being KRACH:
Incredibol is a scalable model that can be adapted to other realities with different needs and resources: its holistic and informal approach involves a wide range of stakeholders.
Incredibol operates with a limited budget and uses non-economical resources to its advantage. It can be adopted by other institutions which can use the resources they have available on that territory in accordance with the need and expectations of that specific areas.

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Main institution
Municipality of Bologna
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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