School center established a New model of energy management of heating and electric energy.
School center established a New model of energy management of heating and electric energy. They combined different actions of energy efficiency and were a finalist on event “Energy days” for the most energy efficiency institution. Established model of energy management shows us how technical investment action safe energy. They installed the software and the hardware for energy management. They upgraded the bookkeeping with the energy monitoring and energy revision. Every energy manager has control of energy consumption through the application on the web (on smartphone or computer), they may compare consumption in different rooms, between different month, years. Organization actions depend on results of energy monitoring. Besides actions like closing and opening the windows doors, when to start with heating, School center Velenje also change the school schedule for better energy efficiency. Through learning process, through EU projects, and through external experts, they spread awareness about energy efficiency. They installed at special thermal solar absorption system in a domestic hot water system. Thermal solar absorption system is cooling buildings in the summertime.

Resources needed

Technical investment action: 2.374.796 million EUR (Cohesion fund, Ministry of education, science and sport, Ministry of economic development and technology).
Energy management: overall 230.000 EUR.

Evidence of success

In 10 years the energy consumption of heating energy is lower more than 50 %. Reduction around 80 % of electricity consumption in classrooms because of technical investments and organization action based on energy monitoring.
Reduction of carbon dioxide CO2 in 10 years from 1000 ton to 400 ton.

Difficulties encountered

Combination of different EE approach and EE actions is the key for energy efficiency of public buildings.
Model of energy management encourage different EE actions.

Potential for learning or transfer

Every organization which owned the buildings has to have Model of energy management because the energy management encourages different EE actions.
Combine as many EE actions as it is possible. By combining different EE actions, we encourage new EE technologies and innovative approach to EE buildings. What is more, with learning by doing we are reaching different innovative solution for more EE buildings.

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Main institution
School center Velenje
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
February 2012
End Date
January 2015


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