Inspired by VAF and its calculator, Promálaga developed a methodology easy to use by the AVP sector with the aim to increase awareness and foster improvement.
The green practices can at times be intangible - a company claiming that they are green, may actually not be. Hence the need of having a tangible fact, the carbon footprint of a production that is not only useful to raise awareness of the impact of an AV project, but also is useful to compare the “change” of the production, by measuring the previous carbon footprint and the new carbon footprint, the one originated after implementing green measures.

A tangible measurement can motivate producers as well as the team, as they can see a real change and it can turn into a positive insight. The existence of the measurement also facilitates the rewarding of subventions and awards.

It is very positive that the effort made by productions that implement sustainable measures and that minimize the footprint of their production is rewarded and recognized. Although initially it is only a recognition, the ideal would be that from the different administrations this is promoted and that the incentives existing in the AV sector include sustainability as a criterion, so that there is also a certain economic i, in addition to the reputational one.

Promálaga developed a specific methodology for a calculator to measure the carbon footprint of productions. The methodology has been conceived as something affordable and easy to use for producers as part of the production budget, transforming euros into CO2. Despite being a very useful tool, it is only capable of measuring the impact on CO2

Resources needed

The greatest investment of resources has been creating a large network of stakeholders who are promoters of the use of the tool in their different regions, which has allowed the activity of Promálaga in this good practice to spread throughout the territory. The financial investment was €4,700.

Evidence of success

To date, 15 productions have used the tool and reduced their carbon emissions by at least 6%. As a result, a validation and methodology for standardization has been designed, implemented & tested, allowing us to:
• Ensure that productions adhering to the protocol achieve a minimum reduction of 6% of GHG emissions.
• Recognize and reward the effort and investment in time and resources of producers achieving a reduction in carbon by granting a sustainable production brand.

Potential for learning or transfer

We identified the need for the existing calculator to include some additional features:
a) Measure the wider ecological impact of AVP.
b) Be much more user-friendly.
c) Improve its usability for the AVP companies/productions.
d) Provide resources to help the producers with sustainability planning, monitoring & reporting.
e) Facilitate the conversion and consolidation of carbon data across regions.
Promálaga thus worked with VAF and the Slovakia Film Commission to develop the specification for a new pilot calculator & tool (‘Eureca’ - The European Environmental Calculator). Subject to raising funds to build and test Eureca, it has the potential to be adopted at European level. A key consideration for Promálaga, is that this would also enable us to more closely meet the needs of the AVP companies in our own (and other Spanish) regions.

We applied for pilot action funds to pilot an interregional common carbon footprint calculator that could be use across Europe & within t

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