This good practice highlights the celebration of annual events at the dock of the Castile Waterway:The arrival of the three wise men at Christmas & Horse Fair.
Initially, the local population didn’t appreciate the Castilla waterway and only little tourists came to visit the site. But the municipality of Medina de Rioseco in Valladolid managed to enhance the dock of the Castilla waterway through the implementation of annual cultural and social activities.
Two annual key events are:
1-‘Arrival of the three wise men’ at Christmas: Each January 5th takes place in the town with the arrival of their Majesties of the Orient on the ship Antonio de Ulloa sailing the waters of the Castilla Waterway thousands of adults and children are waiting for them. A video mapping is projected on the walls of the former flour company of San Antonio and fireworks.
2.-The Horse Fair is organized by the Horse riding Club of Medina de Rioseco
it includes lots of activities such as Sevillanas dancing, concerts music, exhibition of dressage and horse riding through the towpath of the waterway where the Castilla waterway is the main protagonist
It is held during the last weekend of the month of July. The business owners make economical contributions for the celebration of this event and then, their companies are advertised in the horse fair programming.
As the offer is very wide, the type of audience interested is also wide. We could say that we covered all ages and sectors of the population.
The direct benefit is established in the hotel sector of the municipality and rather the local commerce

Resources needed

The city council of Medina organizes The Arrival of the three wise men, the cultural associations of the town contribute to the preparation & the business owners make small economics contributions .The Horse riding club organizes the horse fair.

Evidence of success

In the celebration of the “Arrival of the three wise men” at Christmas more than 6000 people (60% tourist and 40% locals) are waiting for them and for the Horse fair more than 15000 people go to the event .(30% locals and 70 % tourists) Every year these festivals are visited by thousands of spectators. These are free open air celebrations around the Castile Waterway, and both tourists and locals are coming back year after year to experience it.

Potential for learning or transfer

The key factor was to observe the demands of leisure in our locality and try to cover them by offering a good service. Promotion is very important.

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Main institution
Town council of Medina de Rioseco
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2000
End Date


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