The project’s goal is social and occupational rehabilitation of disabled people by gaining competences which will allow them to find a job.
The main objective of the project is a social and professional rehabilitation of over 200 disabled people which can be achieved through gaining social and occupational competences that will allow the beneficiaries to find employment tailored to their special needs and capabilities.
Offered activities, designed to support the disabled, are aimed at facilitating or enabling more independent living.
The project allows older people with disabilities to acquire new skills when disability has matured and allows them to remain on the labor market until retirement.
Available forms of support: identification of individual needs, training of social competences, career counselling, job placement/help in finding employment, courses and trainings improving professional qualifications, internship, possibility of being employed in the occupational activity workshop, opportunity to live in an assisted living flat.
As part of career counselling and job placement the centre collaborates with local companies from various branches. A career counsellor advises each participant individually on finding the most suitable employment.
Within the frame of professional internships, companies, both from Tarnów and from outside the city, willingly cooperate with the participants and often offer employment afterwards.
Hotel and gastronomic services offered by the centre are available for everyone. Due to growing popularity, the centre is planning to enrich its offer and give work to new people.

Resources needed

Within three years, support will be given to over 200 people. Estimated total cost of the project within three years is 1.527.280 euro, including 1.396.707 from EU funds. Apart from the social and occupational support for the disabled, all the necessary equipment was bought as part of the project.

Evidence of success

In the first year alone, 79 people participated in the project, 50 of whom concluded courses and trainings enhancing their professional qualifications. 64 participants were offered career counselling and psychological assistance, 5 persons were placed in an assisted living flat. Over 20 beneficiaries undertook an internship, and what is most important, 26 people found employment, including almost 10 persons who were employed outside of the centre.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project shows how to support people disabled persons and their families, who actively cooperate with the specialists. By receiving job training at local companies, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to fully integrate with other employees as well as with the local community, they have a chance to develop social relations and to feel rightful members of the employees teams, and similar is also the case of the project participants who get an employment in the “Sunny Hill”. Participants who use the supported flat also have a better chance to participate in the social life, thanks to the attempt of a nondependent living in the local community.
In addition, people who acquired disabilities in adulthood and could not continue employment in their current workplace have the opportunity to work in this institution. The form of employment and working time tailored to their capabilities will allow them to work. In this way they can be calm about their future in retirement.
Main institution
Social and Occupational Rehabilitation Centre Occupational Activity Workshop “Su
Małopolskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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