Ventspils Reiss have performed an innovation procurement of electric buses and electric bus charging station equipment.
Ventspils Reiss have made a decision to develop the infrastructure of the city incorporating electric transport system. After defining the needs of the city, it has been decided to procure an electric 16-seats minibus with the fast charging infrastructure solution for the city of Ventspils. After the successful prior market consultation process, the procurement has been launched and the procedure has been successfully finalised with the signed contract on the 31st of January 2020. The evaluation of the potential suppliers has been based on the two phase process. 1st phase evaluation has been focused on the defined evaluation criteria consisting of the total price of the electric buses and charging stations, technical support costs for the charging stations in the 10 years period and months needed for the delivery of the solution. The 2nd phase evaluation was based on the lowest costs for the 3 years period. According to the contract, the end solution has to b delivered and be ready to use in 12 months time.

Resources needed

5 559 415 EUR is the amount to be paid for the solution.

Evidence of success

Evidence of success consists within the whole process of the procurement, which has been started with the prior market consultation and the successful signing of the contract with the supplier of the innovative electric bus solution. The innovation procurement has taken place using the common open market procedure and does not involve any complicated evaluation criteria.

Potential for learning or transfer

Main learning of the good practice is the approach towards the procurement of the innovative solutions. In this particular case everything has started with the prior market consultation which has prepared the market for the demand. Because of the good preparedness of both Ventspils Reiss as the demander and the supplier of the solution, the whole procurement process has not taken longer that two months.
Main institution
Ventspils Reiss
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
November 2019
End Date
January 2020


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