Climate Protection Manager is a part of a national strategy implementing energy efficiency measures at regional and local level.
Rehfelde is a small edge city in Brandenburg, located 50 km east of Berlin. To fulfil the aims of the regional Energy Concept in Brandenburg, Rehfelde decided to participate in the national program and getting a Climate protection manager. The purpose of the role is to coordinate, structure and realize different actions that follows the Energy Concept. In the first 2 years, the climate protection manager has to develop a action plan and getting funds for planned actions.

The role of the Climate protection manager is to enable the public and involve them in relevant projects and build capacity in the local society to create a will to change behavior. It has played an important role in the developing of the Climate Protection plan of Rehfelde.

The National Climate Protection Initiative, the Federal Environment Ministry has been initiating and supporting numerous projects since 2008 that contribute to achieving the climate protection goals. Its programmes and projects cover a broad spectrum of climate protection activities - from the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment support measures.

The energy department of Brandenburg (WFBB) are consulting municipalities and local employees, especially climate protection managers, on topics like energy efficiency and the use of use of renewable energiesm, while (MEALE) is organizing information events with presentations and dialogues on important energy-related topics.

Resources needed

Germany Climate Protection Managers in the public sector get a monthly salary of around 35.000 € to 55.000 € per year (gross). The tational program finance the first 2 years with 60 % (up to 90% for municipalities with financial difficulties). The next 2 years are funded with 40%.

Evidence of success

The Climate Protection Manager should be able to realize projects where they can refinance the expenses. For example, they plan and organize the substitution of lightning (roads, indoor) from HQL to LED. Or they organize funding for infrastructure projects. In Rehfelde they refinanceed around 50% of the expanses of the climate protection manager. If everything goes according to plan the manager will aquire 5 times as much funding for projects, than the cost of the manager for the municipality.

Difficulties encountered

In some municipalities the salary for the manager can create problems because the income level of all the employees in small administration is quite low and even employees in higher positions do not earn that much. To recrute the right competance can therefore become an issue in small municipalities

Potential for learning or transfer

This is a good example illustrating the need for a multi-level-governance perspective. This experience shows the importance of national incentives to activate local level actions to reach regional goals. As municipalities have a unique role in taking action - the involvement of climate protection managers has the capasity to coordinate different levels of action, making local acceptance for climate measures and involveing various groups in a broad discussion in climate, urban and mobility planning.

The region plays an important role in organizing information events with presentations and dialogues on important energy-related topics - and setting regional actions in motion.

Some of the main projects realized are:
• Installing local heating systems for schools and other public buildings,
• Working with E-mobility
• Lightning and insulation
• Establishing a Climate Culture Lab

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Main institution
The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy
Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date
April 2019


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