The road map is a strategic level plan for innovative public procurement and its development in the City organisation. The road map was published in 2016,
In the City of Tampere (innovative) public procurement plays a central role in attaining city’s strategic goals. Tampere City Council has defined city’s procurement principles, including innovation: City of Tampere promotes birth of innovations, new businesses and vitality through its procurement function. The road map was innovated to support the public procurement in the strategic level. The tool also answers to the national aim of raising the innovative procurement’s share to 10% (2020) of all public procurements.
The Road map includes:
- a view to development and procurement themes, with possibility to adopt new or improved solutions;
- a plan on competency and procurement methods development: ”how to make it happen”
- the framework for identifying the potential innovative procurements in advance.
The road map is a tool for management and procurers to connect procurement process and city´s development plans. It is a way to communicate with the market about the development demands and needs in R&D&I in the City in the future.

Resources needed

In 2020 approx. 1,1 billion € of City´s budget is reserved for public procurement purposes (investments, services, equipment). Target is to use 10% of this budget for innovative public procurement.

Evidence of success

The road map 2.0 process is ongoing. City of Tampere is renewing its yearly planning to match the City’s development objectives and range of development tools together (incl. innovative procurement).
Identification of the need of innovative public procurement is included in the plans of upcoming competitive tenderings.
Activities to support the IPP continue. The City has launched the Procurement Performance metrics indicating the status of procurement function (including IPP).

Difficulties encountered

In order to implement the road map efficiently, it requires active presence in different working groups and forums in the City organisation. The competence level vary between different units in the City which makes the job challenging.

Potential for learning or transfer

When the road map is taken in to use, there are some lessons learnt that are good to take into consideration:
- Clarify the core idea of innovative procurement –make it easy to adopt.
- Define (with management and strategy officials) what is the role of the road map as part of the management system.
- Implementation is about changing the culture –it requires argumentation and active presence in different levels of organization.
- See the starting level and maturity of the public procurement function –are innovation goals in line or in contradiction with the everyday experience?
- Link the theme to the strategic development programs to gain experience.
- Share experiences and plan competence-building activities (network sessions, case descriptions, presentation materials).

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Main institution
City of Tampere
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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