The online tenders platform for Public Authorities in Latvia - The Electronic Tender System (ETS)
The Electronic Tender System (ETS) of Latvia acts as an online shop for public sector customers, where several suppliers offer their standard goods. The goods that are offered at the system's platform are: IT&PC equipment, office furniture, Printers and papers, catering and etc.. The National Regional Development Agency (or other Central Procurement Authority), through open tendering procedures in accordance with the requirements of public procurement law, shall ensure the establishment and maintenance of electronic catalogs of standard goods and services in accordance with general framework agreements between the Central Procurement Authority and suppliers.

Resources needed

The Electronic Tender System (ETS) of Latvia is a great national project which was started in far 2005, and the system still being upgrading and developing since then. The was fully financed from the Latvian state budget.

Evidence of success

The Electronic Tender System (ETS) of Latvia allows public procurers to buy good and services (including Green Public Procurements) in a few clicks. The system follows and respects all national and EU legal acts and requirements on the procurement procedure. The system has been highly evaluated from the national and international procurers because of its convenience and saved time for the procurers. The system is used by most of procurers from the State institutions in the country.

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge is faced by the host of the system - State Regional Development Agency which on the daily basis updates the provision lists of the goods and services which are being traded at the ETS. Agency also does big joint national tenders to provide the provisional lists at the system.

Potential for learning or transfer

During the GPP4growth projects many procurement experts and procurement policy representatives highly evaluated the Latvian Electronic Tender System (ETS). This practice can be effectively applied to nay other region in EU.
Main institution
State Regional Development Agency
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
January 2005
End Date


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