Miezītes public library in Jelgava did an energy efficient renovation and purchased new furniture using green and environmentally friendly materials.
The building of Miezīte Library was constructed in 1970’s and was recently renovated increasing its energy performance. Particular attention in green public procurement was paid towards the use of environmentally friendly materials (e.g. insulation of the facade by mineral wool). Energy efficient lighting has been installed. GPP of furniture (manufactured, individually designed) included the requirement for materials not to contain harmful substances.

Resources needed

200 716,37 EUR is the cost of the whole project.

Evidence of success

Miezīte public library building was fully renovated (indoors and outdoors), was applied energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction materials which allowed to noticeably decrease energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Heat energy consumption decreased by more than 60% and CO2 emissions by more than 50%.

Difficulties encountered

By year 2018 Latvia already had a wast experience in effective building renovations. In this case the biggest challenge to achieve the building renovation was financing. In 2018 the library received the budget for the renovation form the Jelgava City Council.

Potential for learning or transfer

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient construction materials and furniture not only decreases the energy consumption, it also does a great visual experience and the most important - cares about the health of the visitors.
Main institution
Jelgava City Council
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date
March 2019


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