The renovation of the street lighting in Preili city, Latvia
The Preiļi County Council decided to replace part of the street lighting to a new, energy efficient lightning. It was not possible to do the works only with the municipal budget alone, so the Preili County Council attracted co-financing from available financial support instruments. As a result the Preiļi city’s three main streets carried out a major renovation, providing lighting with LED bulbs.
In the November, 2013 the municipality announced its first green procurement. The municipality’s procurement specialists had implemented the tender accordingly to the European Commission’s Green Procurement Guidelines which applies to the street lightning. The main emphasis was energy efficiency, especially the replacement of old bulbs to new ones with efficient energy consumption. The County Council had announced the tender and determined the winner, however due to the lack of financial resources, the municipality could not handle this project and postponed this works. Nevertheless in March, 2015 the municipality repeatedly applied for co-financing which was available within the framework of the National Climate Change Financial Instrument and had implemented green procurement in June, 2015.

Resources needed

168 736,84 EUR was the proposal of tender winning company to provide street lightning renovation.

Evidence of success

The Preiļi municipality installed new 46 LED lights with a power of 91W and 18 LEDs with a power of 113W, replacing old mercury lamps with a light dimming feature. As a result, the primary energy consumption required for lighting decreased from 73 MWh to 20 MWh, or 73%.
The cost of renovation works includes not only the replacement of the luminaries themselves, but the replacement of all lighting systems and infrastructure.

Difficulties encountered

The main difficulties raised of the lack of knowledge about the green tendering and new lightning systems, the procurement specialists together with lightning systems specialists have spent a lot of time making the technical specification accordingly to the existing guidelines about the green tender

Potential for learning or transfer

1. The implementation of green public procurement in low-income municipalities depends to a large extent on EU funds and available funding for these types of activities, as such municipalities cannot carry out ambitious projects with the resources of their own municipalities, even if the project is economically viable and pays off in the long term.

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Main institution
Preili city council
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
June 2015
End Date
January 2016


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