An eco-friendly, sustainable business offering handmade products with a distinct identity.
Bioaroma is an inspiration from the vast history&heritage that surrounds the land of Crete. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable business headquartered in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. The founder of Bioaroma is Manousos Pediaditis, who is a chemist&the production manager of all Bioaroma products.
In particular, Bioaroma has developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research&archaeological finds that have been pass down from generation to generation. The main objective is to take the bounty of the soil that Crete cultivates, together with the traditions to our past & offer a handmade product with a distinct identity. The natural raw materials&an abundance of the organic treasures of the Cretan soil include olive oil, beeswax, sage, dittany, labdanum gum to name a few. These ingredients have inspired a range of products which offer a holistic approach to overall wellness.
Bioaroma organizes visitors tour in the distillery, the preparation laboratory, the small folk museum&botanical garden located in the area of the company.
The innovation of the tourism offer is reflected in BioAroma as it is the first&unique Park-Museum-Distillery of Cretan herbs in the country.
Bioaroma created a museum of Cretan herbs&herbal products&a unique herbal garden with 40 different Cretan pharmaceutical&aromatic plants where they organize a variety of exciting activities for the visitors.
Μain stakeholders:local SMEs, chambers of commerce, associations of agricultural producers.

Resources needed

Establishment-funding resources: 30% national funds and the rest come from own resources.
Human resources: fifteen employees (the Distillery and laboratory, the museum of Cretan herbs and herbal products, the botanical garden and administrative staff).

Evidence of success

Bioaroma has become a tourist attraction in Agios Nikolaos.Plenty of tours&experiential tourism packages in its distillery, preparation laboratory, the small folk museum and botanical garden .
The digital marketing tools of Bioaroma, the online-shop and the B2B Bioaroma Business Application is aligned with the needs of the international market of the Digital Age.
Has been awarded with the 1st position in NOC SWEDEN ORGANIC BEAUTY AWARDS 2017, for the category OF BEST NOURISHING BODY PRODUCT.

Difficulties encountered


Potential for learning or transfer

Bioaroma has a great potential to be transferred as a GP in other region where there are available natural herbs or even in regions where there is a demand for natural products and cosmetics.
Great example of implementing successful digital marketing campaigns and offering a variety of services, making it easier for the customers to reach its products (e-shop, social media, mobile app).
Helps the promotion and selling of local products, enabling the consumer to learn about the countryside, the rural area, the cultural life, the authentic characteristics, the local products and the history of your region.
The certification of this enterprise (CRETAN HANDS in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce in Crete) guarantees the quality of the natural products and services with respect to the environment, which is a beneficial method to develop the tourism offer.
Main institution
Bioaroma Natural products
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2006
End Date


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