Developing energy efficiency of public facilities and sustainability by employing green public procurement for renovation and construction services.
“AGENZIA DEL DEMANIO” – the contracting authority - is the public entity tasked with the management of region’s public property.
Various initiatives have been in place to reduce and rationalize energy-related spending, both by planning energy efficiency measures and by promoting responsible behaviour in the use of public goods. This particular tendering process includes renovating the ex-INPS building in Genoa to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.
The tendering procedure was carried out in the context of the “GPP2020” project. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, increase the contribution of renewable energy sources to energy production by 20% and increase energy efficiency by 20%.
The winning supplier pledged to carry out a building audit to evaluate the current state of technological installations and gather data on consumption performance. The systems to be employed to increase the building’s energy efficiency were deactivating latent loads, variable speed pump system, new isolated piping, heat pumps, LED lighting, fan coil with inverter technology, flow regulators, and an integrated building management system. Installation or implementation of these new systems will be complemented with environmentally-friendly materials such as thermo-acoustic panels made from PET bottles, recycled plasterboard with photo thermic panel in wood fibre, ecological plasters with cork, paint and photo catalytic floors.

Resources needed

An open procedure was put in place, with two lots to encourage wide scale participation. The first lot had an estimated value of €387,410 for building’s design plans while the second lot was to provide more than €3,500,000 for construction and renovation works.

Evidence of success

This practice is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 312 tonnes, and diminish energy consumption by 82 tonnes throughout the contract duration. What is more, the contracting authority has been awarded with the “COMPRAVERDE 2016” prize for the best green announcement and the best green public procurement policy.

Potential for learning or transfer

The contracting authority faced a number of difficulties during the tendering process, as it was its first endeavour to implement a green process. The main problems encountered had to do with public officers’ capacity to apply environmental criteria and appreciate/evaluate the differences between technical proposal, lack of experience in responding to suppliers’ inquiries about the environmental criteria and the supporting documentation, and the limited information about the availability of relevant suppliers in terms of adequately providing the requested energy efficient solutions. All the knowledge gained during the GPP tender has been transferred to several other important building reconstruction projects across Italy. This low-carbon tender was published before the Italian Ministry for the Environment enacts the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” for building construction and renovation works, which now constitute the basis upon which public procurement is implemented.

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Main institution
“AGENZIA DEL DEMANIO” - public entity tasked with the management of region’s public property
Liguria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
December 2017


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