We developed a coaching program for each lifecycle of the entrepreneurial life
The problem is young (student) entrepreneurs are often lacking the motivation and knowledge to start up a business or they are not able to find a good business opportunity. Moreover, they are continuously in search of like minded peers to share their experiences with. In the Bryo program they are offered a safety net of other entrepreneurs and they are appointed a coach to support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. They get access to a network of all participants, but are categorized in groups according to the age of their company. Pre startups (people working on an idea or looking a for a business opportunity) are categorized as StandUp.
The central features in the Bryo program are design thinking and working lean. These are principles we use throughout the different lifecycles.

Resources needed

For each participant the cost of a program is around 2000 euro’s, this includes the coaching, the toolkit and other course materials and the catering.

Evidence of success

Entrepreneurs are more prepared for what’s coming. The rate of young entrepreneurs still in business after two years has risen since the start of the program.

Difficulties encountered

Next to the coach, the entrepreneurs prefer to have mentor. We discovered mentors are dangerous as there is a huge difference between their approaches and the quality often depends on the mentor you appoint and how invested he is in het entrepreneur.

Potential for learning or transfer

The format and the way of coaching the entrepreneurs. Especially the toolkit is something that could easily be copy pasted and distributed. We even created a train-the-training program for start up advisors to teach them how to incorporate the toolkit in their training programs. It also helps the advisors, coaches and mentors to follow up on the evolving start up.
Main institution
VOKA chamber of Commerce Antwerp
Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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