Regione Lombardia decided to limit their footprint on the environment, identifying sustainable green criteria to be adopted when organizing events.
Regione Lombardia - well aware of the potential huge impact that public events could have on the environment in terms of production of throwaway wastes, mobility problems, food consumption, communicative disclosure messages – decided to identify specific green criteria to be followed firstly by internal departments to limit negative impacts.
Regione Lombardia, thanks to a profitable collaboration with Life GreenFEST project, opted to elaborate green criteria on the basis of the guidelines prepared by the experts among that European project.
A first experimental phase has been launched during the Italian Eusalp presidency in 2019, when the green criteria were applied to the numerous events organized at Palazzo Lombardia.
In particular the following events were carried out with sustainable criteria:
- Kick-off meeting of the Italian Presidency EUSALP 2019
- XLV National Selection of the European Youth Parliament
- Convention of the Young Administrators of the EUSALP area
- Executive Board Meetings
- EUSALP Annual Forum
With reference to the POR FESR 2014-2020, the Environmental Authority of the Lombardy Region – in agreement with the Managing Authority – is preparing a toolkit to address the organization of sustainable events to be realized among the Program.

Resources needed

20.000 euros

Evidence of success

- Accurate choice of CATERING: Plastic free, seasonality of food products;
- Participants are always invited to reach the venue by public transport or car sharing;
- Sustainable gadgets;
- Printing of any material is avoided;
- Questionnaire for participants to calculate the CO2 emissions in which the Km travelled to reach Milan are asked and how;
- Projection of a slide in the monitors for the correct behaviour during the event;
- Fruitful synergy with another European Project.

Potential for learning or transfer

The present approach is conceived to be applied by internal departments but the idea is to extend its application to the whole regional system. It can also be an example for other European public administrations.
Main institution
Lombardy region
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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