The mission of Fair Saturday is to promote a world that is more virtuous, fair and aware of people’s needs through arts and culture.
The Fair Saturday Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation registered in 2015, committed to developing a better world through the promotion of arts, culture and social empathy as key drivers of change. Puts into action three main activities:
• The Fair Saturday movement: Fair Saturday is a global disruptive cultural mobilisation whose main objective is to highlight the essential value of art and culture with a social impact, based on the open and participatory organisation of cultural events each of them collaborating with a social project chosen by the artists. It takes place every last Saturday of November, after Black Friday. Fair Saturday acts as a catalyst that gathers both amateur and professional artists together with the common goal of not only performing their artistic disciplines but also generating a social impact.
• The “III. Social Innovation through culture Forum” is a proposal that provides a holistic and interdisciplinary vision of the key elements for the strengthening of the country's cultural and creative industries, focusing on the development of participatory spaces for the generation of knowledge and collaboration that encourage open innovation locally and on an international scale.
• On the other hand, the Fair Saturday Awards were born with the willingness to recognize, at an international level, the work of inspiring people and organisations that have proven to generate social impact through art and culture.

Resources needed

A team of 7 people, where business/administration, communication and international relationships graduates work with others with a legal background.The budget for the delivery of 2019 has been around 700.000 € and financing include public bodies as supporters, private entities as sponsors and Grants

Evidence of success

Starting with the Fair Saturday movement, 800+ events took place in the 2019 edition in 140+ cities around the world, gathering 200,000+attendees. Moreover, 15 cities and territories have decided to join and support Fair Saturday officially and at an institutional level.
3rd Fair Saturday International Forum and Awards Gala: the forum had an average of 300 attendees throughout the morning. The total number of attendees was 400 people, and the Awards Gala was attended by around 600 people,

Difficulties encountered

One of the main challenges lies in the fact that in general, culture and the arts are not considered on top of the political agenda, although culture is presented as key for social development. Besides, finding suitable partners and participants in each of the new countries is another challenge.

Potential for learning or transfer

Many cities have decided to join Fair Saturday officially, such as Bilbao, Malaga (Spain), Bristol, Cardiff (UK), Lima (Peru), Helsinki (Finland), Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), Lisbon (Portugal), Quincy (Massachusetts, USA), Atlanta (Georgia, USA)…and all of Scotland as part of their National Day. SMART institutions like these focus on bringing their citizens together, staying connected and fostering social values-driven initiatives, serving as an environment for inclusion, diversity, integration and social empathy, when the world needs it more than ever. Fair Saturday initiatives lead to the construction of this environment and the achievement of social objectives through culture.
The Fair Saturday Foundation also takes part in diverse university programs that allow students to have their first experience in the job market. Also, the Foundation counts on a strong volunteer network that provides assistance in this kind of events and play an essential role in its development.
Main institution
Regional Government of País Vasco
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2014
End Date


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