To overcome the lack of public shared mobility
"Meglio Muoversi" aims to launch a local public transport policy based on a process of planning, integrated management of advanced mobility services. This process aims at modifying the users' travel behavior and encouraging the integration between different modes of transport, essential actions for a safer and more economically sustainable transport system. The project aims to support the demand for mobility on an inter-municipal scale (students, workers, commuters, etc.) within the urban areas and on the local level (municipalities) where the most important local public services are located (schools, hospitals, public offices…). It includes a car-sharing system promoted by Metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. The user can pick up the car and release it freely within the "operational areas of the service" defined within the City of Reggio Calabria borders. Vehicles can be booked from 15 minutes before the pick-up time. The service starts from the unlocking of the doors and ends at the end of the race. It is not possible to use the car for periods of more than seven days. At the end of use, the vehicle can be released in any operational area and the Customer is charged for the cost of the actual time (min.) of using vehicle. Annual subscription fee for the service: € 25, of which € 20 for registration and € 5 as credit for the use of the vehicle; Rate per minute: € 0.25 with 50 km included; Daily rate: € 50 with 50 km included; Rate beyond the first 50 km: € 0.20 per km.

Resources needed

4.506.676 €

Evidence of success

The metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria bought the fleet (cars) for the car-sharing service.
Activation date: 30.10.2019 (suspension for pandemic emergency from March to May 2020)
Vehicles fleet: insured cars n. 13 of which 10 fuelled by diesel and 3 by electricity
Number of subscriptions: 183 users
Km covered: 19.724 Km

Difficulties encountered

Due to administrative problems and the lack of staff for the service management, the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria transferred the car sharing service management to the Municipality of Reggio Calabria.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project can be replicated easily in other EU contex. Here the transferability evaluation through 3 parameters: ease of Implementation: easy; Impact: high; Benefit - cost ratio: high. This prioritization was used for all Good Practices of E-MOPOLI, more info in Source Book available here:
Main institution
Reggio Calabria Province and Municipality
Calabria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date
February 2020


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