IoTSpace, an open laboratory to promote training and innovation among young researchers to work on Internet of Things (IoT) projects.
By the year 2020 the number of connected devices across all technologies will reach 20.6 billion. This new wave of connectivity goes beyond laptops and smartphones -it is moving towards connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables, smart cities, connected healthcare and the development of smart production processes and products.
The IoT Space Initiative is an open laboratory for promoting training and innovation among young researchers working on real projects related to the concepts deployed by the Internet of Things (IoT). The main objective is to create a common space where researchers and students can work together on challenges through the convergence and understanding of information & Communication Technologies applied to both the Industry and Society. By implementing ample connectivity in the IoTSpace, collecting, storing and interpreting data will allow young researchers to work further to develop Smart Processes & Products, Smart Transport & Cities, Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Cyber-Physical Systems and Vision & Augmented Reality.

Resources needed

Human Resources deployed: Innovation Department Staff. Minimum one person with a full time dedictaion is required in order to follow all the different procedures.

Evidence of success

- Providing 6 months placements for young researchers to collaborate in IoT projects with the trip expenses and accomodation provided.
- Establishing a network of Universities, technology centers and European companies for collaboration in IoT projects.
- To promote San Sebastian as a city of knowdlege and a meeting point of IoT projects.
- Every year 6 stages abroad will be held, as well as 6 new training contracts.

Difficulties encountered

To start the project, all the collaborators are welcome, but as it goes forward a full person with full dedication to centralize all the efforts is required. Otherwise, energies and time are waste if there is not a coordinator project.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be transferred to any other region or city where public institutions, universities and research centres can coexist and collaborate properly.

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Main institution
Fomento San Sebastian
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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