INCOOVA provides SMEs with teams of highly qualified people who provide innovative solutions by using open innovation methodology
The participants in the project are:
Entrepreneurs who want to create innovative products and/or services which have the creation and development of a sustainable company among their short-term objectives. This new company will respond to the challenges and innovations raised by companies and association partners.

Companies with a demand for new products and services
Companies from different sectors provide ideas to develop solutions to latent needs in their business environments. These business challenges will constitute the market niche that the teams of entrepreneurs will work and develop as a business model to respond through the creation of a new company.

The methodology of the project has been:
a. Collection of registrations, selection and training in skills.
b. Accommodation: in our co-working space, located on the 1st floor of the CROEM building.
c. Training in skills, relational capital and specific business management.
d. Advice and mentoring from professionals, as well as from the participating companies and associations that have formulated the challenges.
e. Networking between teams, other entrepreneurs, companies etc.
Validation of models through participating companies and associations. Presentation of a minimum viable product or service: prototyping and verification by the partner company.

Resources needed

The total budget to develop this project is 110,000 euros
On-line platform
Team of professionals to manage the program
Institutions: business associations, professional associations, universities, public and private institutions supporting entrepreneurship in the region
Co-working space

Evidence of success

45 informative and networking sessions with companies
24 business challenges and 29 partner companies/associations have been obtained.
Web page with dissemination materials.
Collaboration agreement with the three Universities of the Region, and the financial institution La Caixa
More than 200 entrepreneurs registered. 41 people were selected for skills training.
24 business challenges have been gathered, responding to sectorial needs.
8 teams were set up.

Difficulties encountered

Importance of bringing together SMEs and people willing to become entrepreneur, and institutions providing the proper ecosystem through a program of activities and follow up.

Potential for learning or transfer

It has a high potential for learning and transferring as the working methodology can be handed over between INFO, business organizations, large companies and start-up companies so that they can solve business challenges and scale their projects optimally.
It can be transferred to other regions where there are stakeholders who can meet the cost and who have adequate human resources and the companies to be involved.

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Main institution
Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Murcia
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
July 2018
End Date


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