Tractor companies carry out the task of accompanying and transferring know-how and business mentoring to new companies through local agents.
Local Development Agents identify both driving and mentoring companies and start-up companies in their municipality and propose them to INFO to join the program.

INFO, Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia is the Regional Development Agency of Murcia. Its main objective is to implement support policies for the companies in the Region of Murcia. Its main activities are the external promotion of regional companies, promotion of innovation, growth policies, business consolidation and support for entrepreneurship.

Tractor companies are companies that have optimally applied strategic measures in foreign markets, in the development of new technologies, in digital marketing and communication, in financial measures, in environmental measures and in corporate social responsibility. These companies have obtained measurable results and are willing to help small companies by exerting an impulse or traction on them through contracts, purchase of products or services, intermediation with suppliers or clients, and with specific actions

Mentor companies are those willing to dedicate time and personnel to train small businesses in the areas that are needed.

A map and timetable of objectives and activities are drawn up which consist of training, networking, business advice, advice for R&D&I aid, advice for internationalisation aid, INFO's own aid line for private investors to enter the capital of seed companies, support for attendance at trade fairs and awards.

Resources needed

Resources used: €30,000
Resources needed:100.000€

Evidence of success

Appointment of 17 driving companies involved.
Selection and preparation of 30 entrepreneurs to offer to the tractor companies.
300 individual interviews between entrepreneurs and specific tractor companies, products and services.
3,000 minutes of individual business interviews with entrepreneurs and tractors.
More than 20 concrete offers subsequent to the celebration of Traction 19, from the entrepreneurs to the tractor companies.
12 mentoring teams built entrepreneurs and mentors

Difficulties encountered

CSR and Environmental SR implementation measures in Entrepreneurs.
Catalogue of companies of the technological and agricultural sector of the Region.
Work as a team to self-diagnose the Network.
Way of carrying out needs report for the provision of information and advice services.

Potential for learning or transfer

The structure of the Traction 19 program provides very interesting elements for the growth of the Km0 economy and reinforces the development of entrepreneurship in regional markets.
Its organization is transferable to any geographic space. It consists of public and private collaboration so that large companies from any region of the European Union get to know and support entrepreneurship in their geographical area.
Provides the tractor companies a deep knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Entrepreneurs the possibility of finding great clients for the development of their professional activity.
Mentor 19 program focuses on mentoring and training of entrepreneurs by renowned entrepreneurs in the geographical development environment. Its organization is also transferable and very interesting because the entrepreneur has a deep knowledge of the economic and social situation where he carries out his activity and can transmit all his experience to entrepreneurs.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Murcia
Región de Murcia,
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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